Portfolios with Student Insights

Our portfolios do more than aggregate student work.  They facilitate multiple approaches to teaching and learning, from Competency Based Learning to Social Emotional Learning, while assessing students in all environments. Evidence of learning through portfolios showcase students best works, describes project or group work across students, and integrates projects, artifacts, or events.

  • Connect student work to criteria to see growth over time

  • Students can curate their own portfolios, reflecting on what they learned

  • Artifacts, such as explanation to math problems, pictures of work, documents, and videos, can be organized by individual or group

  • Artifacts can be assessed, grouped, and shared to help promote reflection, revision and documentation

  • Ability to share and evaluate student work

  • Insights can be interdisciplinary

  • Facilitates multiple approaches to teaching and learning

  • Grouping capability to promote collaboration or differentiated learning

    • Individual / student insights.
    • Group / grade level, class level, multi class or support students from multiple classes.

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