Got Questions?

Below are Frequently Asked Questions, if you do not see your question answered below please contact us and we will respond within 24 hours.

How do you say Novare?


Can I capture my students' experiences?

Yes, you can upload videos, photos, papers, etc. and build out individual portfolios for each student.

Do you offer support?

Yes, you can email support@novareedu.com and you will get a response within 24 hours (generally even earlier!)

Is there an onboarding program? or training program?

Yes, we have a personal representative who will offer a hands on training day with your staff.

Is Novare a plug and play product or can I customize it?

Yes to both! You can upload standards and use the tool as it’s built  or you can customize your standards and create your own reports.

Are you a hosted solution or locally hosted solution? Do you offer the ability to be locally hosted?

Novare is a hosted cloud-based solution. This means that the platform is entirely online and can be updated quickly and efficiently without any maintenance required of our community. As a hosted solution, we can guarantee flexibility, security, and a simplified, uniform interface across the entire system. For these reasons, we do not offer Novare as a locally hosted solution.

Does this follow state standards?

Yes. Novare makes it simple to download any State standards as well as customize your standards to the unique needs of your school.

What is Novare's privacy policy?

We are COPPA compliant. Click here to read our Privacy Policy. We are also SOPIPA and FERPA compliant.

Do I need an iPad or iPhone?

Novare is both iPad and laptop compatible, you can use whichever device you are most comfortable with..

How can this save me time if I have to enter so much info?

Novare is all about organization, organizing your teaching, your classrooms, your students. Novare is designed to help you be a more effecient teacher and save you time! Novare’s platform is built so that you only need to enter information once.

Can parents see student's progress and work?

Yes. Being able to communicate clearly with families is a key component for the Novare system.

Can I control what the parents see?

Yes, you decide which communication, reports, assessement, and portfolio that are visible on the Parent Portal.

What if I have parents who are very concerned about privacy?

We are FERPA, COPPA and SOPIPA compliant.  Which in simple language means we don’t share student information and are serious about protecting all information.