Competency Based Reports And a Growth Mindset

Schools need flexibility to shape their reports in order to meet the needs and expectations of their community. Our reports are customizable with graphs, narratives, tables, and are able to display student work as options to convey student learning to families. Each school determines how to display overall learning through proficiency levels, competency based letter grades or a combination.

  • Tailored reports depending on audience: parents, teachers, administrators, superintendents

    • You can customize your Report Cards incorporating narration, portfolios, choosing standards etc.
  • Reports are easily generated, using assessments already entered into the system

  • Multiple time saving steps incorporated to make reports easier, but still detailed and informative

  • Multiple teachers can provide input to a single child, providing a well rounded look at the individual

  • Administrators have reports at their fingertips to read through and provide input

  • Previous reports are readily available and able to use as reference

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