About Us

Who We Are

We help teachers and students organize information so the focus is on the students and deeper learning. Teachers can organize, share and reuse content. Resources are at students fingertips to help them think deeper about topics. We focus on mastery learning. Novare tracks student progress, analyzes and communicates a student’s learning to families in a holistic approach. Capturing evidence of learning and sharing with families, teachers and administrators builds a school’s culture and community.

Our Philosophy

Children are competent and capable.  Connecting criteria to performance-based or formative assessment and providing open-ended opportunities with time to reflect and revise in areas of student interest will deeply engage students. The best learning happens when students are engaged and focused on their learning. The goal is mastery, confidence, perseverance.

Our core objective.

Novare began in 2012 and has currently been deployed in schools in California and Iowa. As Novare grows, it will always adhere to three core objectives:


Novare is a new way of looking at students, focusing on the whole child and providing opportunities to investigate and evaluate problem solving.  It supports innovative ways of teaching.


Novare maintains that best practices for learning is through reflection and revision. Novare focuses on a tool that tracks performance in order to foster improvement and growth over time.


Collaboration is how Novare differs from other LMS’s. Our tool enables collaboration and communication across classrooms, between teachers, administrators, and of course, parents, seamlessly and with ease.

Guiding Principles

Our platform integrates these guiding principles in order to foster a growth mindset and build community through a common language.


We support innovative teaching by capturing the complete learning experience. Our portfolios allows educators to focus on the whole child.


We promote learning through reflection and revision. Our learning goals foster improvement and growth over time.


Our analytics and reports enable seamless communication and collaboration across classrooms, between teachers, administrators, and of course, families.

Meet Our Team

Molly Anderson
Molly Anderson
Co-Founder / CEO

Molly is a visionary that not only sees the potential in ideas, but also the path to make it a reality.

Bosco Durai
Bosco Durai

Bosco is a leader in all things technical.  He enjoys pondering difficult problems and creating solutions.

Thomas Varghese
Thomas Varghese

Thomas is a melomaniac, strategic investor, startup accelerator and entrepreneur with a unique combination of business and technical skills.

Nikhita Kotak
Nikhita Kotak
Product Manager

Nikhita is amazing at managing features and the people to make it happen seamlessly.

Kimmarie Slay
Kimmarie Slay
Customer Support
Kim is content curator and system tester to make your experience at Novare amazing. She also holds advanced degrees in literacy and special ed with tons of teaching and coaching experience.
Adam Davy
Adam Davy
VP of Growth
Adam is a veteran of the K12 industry providing best of breed educational technology solutions to schools and districts.

Our amazingly talented team works ceaselessly to give you the best experience.


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