What it Means to be a Reggio Inspired Platform

Kindergarten invitation to create stories before writing begins

 What is Reggio?

Reggio Emilia is a learning approach which focuses on the child’s experience and learning through big ideas. Loris Malaguzzi, the founder of Reggio Emilia, explained this approach in his poem The 100 Languages, describing how life, play, learning, and ideas are intertwined and should not be experienced in silos.  Reggio’s holistic approach to educating the child is reflected in the fundamental principles that  emphasize relationships and connections.

 What is Novare?

Novare is a platform that creates efficiencies and organizes information to support Reggio inspired learning using best practices. Novare was developed to support learners, teachers, families – the entire community. We do that by supporting relationships, exploring big ideas, connecting work to competencies and portfolios. We support schools moving in this direction as well.

Reggio’s Fundamental Principles

Picture from River Garden South Yarra
Picture from River Garden South Yarra


Children are Competent 

Everyone is a learner and even very young children are competent and capable.  Learning is an active process. This concept shapes the relationship of teachers and students into facilitators, mentors and collaborators. The teacher guides a learner to think deeper, articulate their thoughts and provides the environment and context to stimulate and engage learner

At Novare we believe the relationship between student and teacher is the foundation for learning. School leaders select the the language for proficiency levels to support their culture and foster a growth mindset.

At Novare we follow research and best practices to make learning visible, both helping articulate competencies prior to starting a task and easily providing feedback.


Reflection / Intention and Documentation

Listening to learners leads to opportunities to combine interests and education. Learners and teachers reflect on questions, ideas, and their understanding.  These reflections are modeled, recorded, and shared, building metacognition for both learners and teachers. Part of the reflection process is documenting the learning. Conversations and work samples deliberately capture and communicate what is happening, and build a map leading to further growth opportunities.`

At Novare we provide many opportunities to develop metacognition from reflecting on work, curating a portfolio, chats for clarification or creating and monitoring individual goals.


Big Ideas  / Emergent Curriculum

Learners think deeply about big ideas and weave different disciplines together to explore how ideas, connections, and relationships influence outcomes.

At Novare Big Ideas can be organized, shared, re-used and modified for different classes. Novare supports collaborating in projects at many levels.

All for One and One For AllScreen Shot 2019-02-06 at 12.03.13 PM

This example is taken from a first and second grade multiage class. With intentional thought-provoking questions from the teachers at the beginning of the year, learners explore how individuals in a group get along in a society:  

  1. Create and ratify a class constitution and learn about our Constitution.
  2. Explore how laws are made and how each branch of government is involved in the process
  3. Participate in a mock trial in the county courtroom with actual attorneys and  judges guiding the learners.
  4. Travel to a local law school to discuss our system of law and justice.
  5. Write and draw pictures to help people wrongly incarcerated.
  6. Run three presidential elections with two-week terms

Weave into the four months of project work, opportunities for the learners to read, write, craft voting booths, tabulate election results, present ideas, and have fun  developing these skills.


What does all of this really mean?

The Reggio approach means respecting and supporting the entire child while providing intentional opportunities for learners to participate in real world experiences. Throughout the experience the learners take the time to capture the learning and reflect on the meaning and process and use the experience to step even deeper into an idea or connecting thought. This can only be implemented, effective and appreciated within an environment supported by tools that allows educators to capture in real time, collaborate on ideas within relevant and dynamic groups, assess and highlight growth, invite the community to participate and influence in the growth of the individual child.

Learning is complex. Novare creates efficiencies to support your learners and teachers. Developed through a Reggio philosophy, Novare keeps projects, competencies, portals and report cards in sync to create synergies and keeps the focus where it needs to be, on the learner.

Our platform is designed to more easily capture  and understand how learners are progressing in a complex learning environment. It has many features that enable learners to direct their learning, demonstrate understanding and see progress. Novare is a next generation platform supported by the latest research and easy to use.  

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