Choosing a Competency Based Platform to Support Students

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Discovery Charter School, located in San Jose, California. It has an amazing program and a competitive lottery for acceptance to the school. Discovery Charter School is dedicated to creating lifelong learners that are prepared to meet the challenges of the future. They focus on educating the whole child through strong family involvement, project-based learning, and respect for individual learning styles and developmental readiness. They recently chose Novare to help them implement their mission. Novare is a learning management platform that facilitates project based learning by connecting competencies to student work and creating portfolios. Novare helps schools communicate with learners and families through competencies, proficiency levels in the language of the school and competency based reports.

We recently interviewed 6th grade teacher, Toni Sindelar, to learn her perspective about why Discovery chose Novare and how implementing it has been.

What first drew your school to Novare?

Creating efficiencies for teachers to create competency based reports

“Our educational philosophy is based on a growth mindset and tracking students’ learning through skills. Our current student information system forces us to tie a letter grade to each assignment, and we wanted to use an assessment system that does not rely on a letter grade. Novare is great for this because the focus is on understanding what skills the students are gaining, rather than simply providing a letter grade. Novare also connects to our student information system, so we have the flexibility to use both platforms in sync.”


What is your experience with Novare?

“The platform has been really fun to play with and very forgiving. If I make a mistake, I can easily undo it. It is adaptable and flexible.”


What about Novare Team members and customer service?

“It has been great. The team is extremely responsive, very patient, and accommodating. They are willing to work with us, and are transparent every step of the way. Whereas other systems that we use charge us for every communication or support issue, Novare has a one time fee and the team continues to help us at no extra cost.”


Would you recommend Novare?

“Absolutely. We have been very happy with Novare so far and would certainly be willing to refer Novare to other schools.”

Novare looks forward to connecting with you to further your vision in competency-based education. We are all about building relationships and putting learners at the heart of our work.


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