Life Lessons & Risk Taking


Our friends offered to take us rock climbing last weekend.  My family has NEVER been climbing outside of the occasional indoor climbing wall. We were thrilled and a bit nervous about the experience. After a beautiful drive up to Summit Rock, we began to hike.


The day was exhilarating.  It is hard work rock climbing. There is a great deal of problem solving and trust involved.  The problem solving involved figuring out how to use the space to climb to the top – using your body as a lever, where to position hands and feet to get the next few inches up. Learning to trust is the other critical part to climbing – trusting the people have you, trusting your ability, trusting the rope that holds you.

Thinking back to the day, the most thrilling experience was climbing over the precipice, dangling at the top of a cliff and rappelling down the rock.


Why did I risk it? Exhilaration, joy, the view, the self confidence?  But in truth it came down to feeling safe to risk the climb.  I knew there was someone below to slow my descent if I lost control. I had a careful teacher at the top guiding my hands with advice. I was able to take that jump, because of the scaffolding of support.


As a teacher, a parent, the CEO of a company that supports teachers and students, I want to create the scaffolding to permit teachers, students and my children to take risks, learn from mistakes, grow and thrive.

May each of you climb mountains.

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