The Super School Project is ReImagining High School!

The Super School Project is ReImagining High School!

The Super School contest is asking us to rethink education to better prepare our children for college, career and life. It is an opportunity to bring together all the people involved in education: students, parents, educators, and business to design public high schools in order to help students be prepared for the future.

I am extremely excited because it:

  1. Mobilizes our nation, moving from East to West to start the dialogues of changing schools to better prepare students for college, career and life. 
  2. Provides strong criteria to guide the process, but not limit the solutions.
  3. Emphasizes using research to create diverse models for high schools.
  4. Funds 5 public schools to implement solutions.  


I think this contest is an excellent way to generate excitement and dialogue about solutions for education. So many times the focus is negative on what doesn’t work and this contest shifts it to what will work. It helps us focus on change in a positive way.  The focus is how to prepare students and engage them both in the contest and in education. It also provides $50 million to start the process and truly rethink education!

I am fired up about this and wanted to share it with you. This is an amazing example of Project Based Learning. An engaging challenge set in the “real world”. It has excellent criteria to guide the project and is extremely open ended.

This is the exact type of projects we support for classroom teachers. Where they can set up a project with criteria and students can create, edit, revise, and dialogue easily about it. Educators can guide and probe for deeper understanding and provide feedback connecting to narratives, standards or social emotional learning!

I’m going to be following this on TwitterThis will be fabulous to participate and watch! 

See you next week when we get our Mondays with Molly rolling again!



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