Product Update: Global Assessment Now Possible in Checklists

Product Update-Global Assessment Now Possible in Checklists

The most precious resource teachers have is their time.  We value it and want to make tracking assessment easier.  Our new feature does just that. In the past teachers made checklists with students across the top and standards down the side.  They would have to select the star for each standard for each student and select the assessment level.

Teachers using our product, requested an easier way to assess.  If they knew all but one student in their group were proficient on the standard. they wanted to add the assessments with fewer clicks.  Now you can click on the star in the standard column to add the same assessment to all students.  Don’t worry, to change the one or two that need to be changed, simply click the blue x and put in the correct assessment.  The assessments won’t be added until you click the blue square that says save checklist.

Another way to save time is when one student has the same assessment for all (or most) of the standards, hover below that student’s name and the rubric will show.  Click on the one that correlates with their assessments.  Again, just click the blue x to change the few assessments that are different.  And when you are done click save checklist.

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